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Alternative Indie CD

This new  Alternative - Indie CD, available at CD Baby and, is a mixture of rock, folk and blues with a Caribbean theme.  A very fun listening experience which will make you want to head for the tropics.

Alternative - Indie CD ... "Tequila Tonight"

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RON BERTRAND: Tequila Tonight, Tomorrow We Ride!

RON BERTRAND: Tequila Tonight, Tomorrow We Ride!

This is alternative indie music with a Caribbean-Island theme.  Easy listening music with tropical soul.

Recommended if you like John Denver, Jimmy Buffett, Aaron Tippin.

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*****  "Tequila Tonight, Tomorrow We Ride!"  *****

There are now many genres and now subgenres of music that it is sometimes confusing as to what style of music a particular song is.  The important thing to remember is that if you enjoy easy listening music, regardless if it is considered rock, blues, soul, pop, folk, world, caribbean, latin, urban, country, electronic, etc. if you like the song it will make you feel good. cdalternative